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Mineral Shilajit

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Wildcrafted Pure Shilajit Resin. Sourced directly from high-altitude regions of the Himalaya Mountains. 

Tested for Purity:

Each batch is tested for purity and consistency. We are committed to delivering trustworthy products to our customers that are safe and of the highest quality! Our lab results are available upon request.

Serving Information:

Scoop out 0.25-0.5 grams or a pea-sized portion of resin. Product dissolves best in a hot beverage. Use non-chlorinated water. We suggest taking 1-3 times daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider. Store at room temperature.

Mineral Shilajit
Mineral Shilajit Sale price$65.00
What is shilajit and where does it come from?

Allura Superfoods' Wildcrafted Mineral Shilajit, also called "mumijo", is a 100% natural substance that is created and forged in the Himalayan Mountains at over 17,000 ft in elevation. Shilajit is a powerful adaptogen that is best known for its use in Ayurvedic medicine as a source of rejuvenation and as an antiaging compound. It has been used for centuries around the world.


Reseach has shown that shilajit is most likely made from the decomposition of plant material occuring over centuries. This may be why it is such a powerful natural resin with a unique composition that contains 85+ different minerals, including fulvic acid and humic acid.


Due to its nutrient-rich phytocomplex, shilajit has proven to be a potent and powerful adaptogen that works to restore energetic balance. Shilajit also acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound due to it's high concentration of fulvic acid. 

How much and how often should I take Shilajit?
What are some potential benefits of shilajit?
What is fulvic acid and why is it beneficial?
Wildcrafted & Pure

Allura Superfoods is committed to delivering the highest quality shilajit resin we can find. Each batch is sent to a 3rd party lab for testing to ensure purity and consistency.


Our COA's are available upon request. Please email us with the subjuct line "Shilajit COA" and we will send you a pdf of the most recent lab report.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jessica Riojas
Works awesome!!!

Smells bad and tastes worse but man does this stuff work and give me energy and less brain fog! Maybe your company can make a shilajit capsule in the future?? I love the benefits for sure!!

Love the taste!

I love the shilajit! It's small and compact compared to the liquid you can buy, sonits easy to take with me. I especially like the taste it adds to my boost blend in the mornings!

Caitlyn Crawford
Amazing supplement

I’m a Crunchi girly as they say…and this added to my daily boost blend has SERIOUSLY helped me! I’m a busy emergency veterinarian with long shifts and I am also battling Hashimoto’s disease! I don’t drink any coffee and only have a serving of plant based pre-workout once daily. I wasn’t a heavy coffee drinker prior to finding Allura, but I can tell a difference in my energy, focus and mood! This Shilajit has a nice Smokey flavor that tastes like a fire. It’s delicious!

Matt a
This stuff works

I have been using it for a week now. Let me tell I have taken other products but this stuff is on a different level. I have so much more energy and my mood has improved so much. I am back to myself again the go lucky happy person I used to be. I will continue to use this for a long time coming.

Your daily powerhouse!

I am new to the world of Ayurveda Nutrition but have been so surprised by the benefits I have seen and felt with Shilajit! I have heart issues and since taking Shilajit my heart rate has been consistent and level even through mild exercise. My overall circulation has improved (i had issues with cold hands and feet) and my overll memory has been such a saviour in growing my business and avoiding brain fog. Highly recommend as a twice a day super buddy! 👌🏽